Jackie Buxton

Thought Provoking Women’s Fiction: a story about relationships, consequences and taking charge of our destiny. 70,000 words (WIP)





















This is the story of Evelyn Leonard and her troubled life.  But the people who should hear her story, and take responsibility for their role in her demise, have their own issues.  This motley crew of characters also think that Evelyn is dead.  Happily, stranger, Sarah Bentley, affords Evelyn some kind of reconciliation.

Misguidance... aka The Tree House


Jackie Buxton

...Evelyn thrust her skinny arm through the gap and clasped her fingers around Arthur’s wrist. She pulled him upwards as gently as possible, worried his tiny bones would break.

‘I don’t know how those flimsy legs hold you up,’ her mother would say to him, with a touch of admiration in her voice. ‘Watch your brother, he might snap.’ He’d been ill when he was a baby, the family were blessed he’d survived.

“So, I’ve got the fairy cakes me and Mummy made. You can have the red one but I iced the turquoise one,” Evelyn said, fluttering her eyelashes with pride at using the word for her favourite colour which she knew her brother wouldn’t understand.  “So that’s for me.” She peeled back the paper case in strips like petals but with the cake poised against her lips, she ordered that they wait. ...

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Runner-up in The Oxford Editors' First Chapter Competition 2012.